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FAQs and Useful Info


We offer returns within 2 weeks of purchase for yarn that has not been used, damaged, or wound into a ball/cake. Buyer is responsible for return shipment. Refunds or exchanges will be processed as soon as your returned items have been recieved.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Items

Earl Grey Fiber Company is NOT responsible for your items once your package has been dropped at or picked up by your chosen carrier. Please file a claim directly your carrier. 

Customs and International Shipping

We ship anywhere in the world, but it's important to consider customs when placing an order. Earl Grey Fiber Company is not responsible for accruing any customs charges that you may be charged. We use USPS for all international shipping as they have the lowest customs fees, however, if there's another carrier you prefer, please indicate that when placing your order. 

Color Bleeding and Yarn Care

Every skein dyed is rinsed in hot water until the water runs clear. However, it's important to know that the pH, or hardness/softness of your water will play a major role in whether or not your yarn will bleed. Earl Grey Fiber is located in an area of the country with extremely soft water, which makes for ideal dyeing conditions, but if you live in a place with hard water, it will almost immediately begin to pull the color out of your yarn (particularly with more saturated colors), so prepping your yarn in advance, especially for colorwork projects, is highly recommended. You can test your yarn by putting a scrap of it in a clear or white container with hot water. If you notice the color running, you can add a splash of white vinegar, or some citric acid and let it sit for a bit. There are many tutorials online like this one,

We recommend using a wool wash with lukewarm water for blocking all items. Most yarns we dye are superwash, and aren't easy to felt, but we like washing by hand to preserve the longevity of our Earl Grey Fiber makes. 

Can I place a custom order?

YES! Even if there isn't a custom order listing available, we're always happy to help you out. Custom orders can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete and ship, depending on the time of year. 

Where can I find your yarn in person?

We vend at quite a few events throughout the year, and Instagram is the best place to find out information about those. We also work with a handful of select yarn shops across the country. If you're interested in seeing our yarns in your LYS, let them know and have them get in touch with us!



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