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"Permanent" is a take on the colorway we created for the #titsoutcollective, and is our response to the current administration's attempts at stripping the rights and protections of our country's transgender population, because we here at Earl Grey Fiber believe that every human deserves to have basic rights and protections. 50% of all sales of this yarn will be donated to The National Center for Transgender Equality.

Fiber info:


75/25 SW Merino/Nylon

100g - 436yards

A few things to note:

- This listing is for PRE-ORDER, which means your yarn won't ship immediately, but rather towards the end of November. 

- This listing will come down on November 5 so that a donation can be made before the election takes place, however, this colorway will become a permanent pre-order listing after the new year, with 50% of sales continuing to go to charity.

- If any other shop items are purchased with this yarn, they will ship at the time this yarn ships, so please plan accordingly if you're eyeing other ready-to-ship items.